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June 9, 2015

Thanks to Kevan Lee for this list of both free marketing tools and paid options.

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Is your call to action missing an action verb? 25 action-packed choices

July 30, 2013

Is your call to action missing an action verb? Grab one of these:
Act now
Buy today
Call me
Don’t wait
Enjoy our video recap
Forget what you think you know about _____ [your niche]
Get your copy here
Hurry in for our door buster specials
Invest in your future success
Join now
Keep this widget as our thanks for trying our new product
Leave your question in a voice mail message
Make an offer I can’t refuse
Name your price
Order now
Post a comment
Quit wasting money on products that don’t work–call us today
Read more
Save time—order done-for-you content
Take an additional 10% off when you order before Wednesday
Uncover the secrets of SEO with this special report
View our gallery here
Win a prize just for sharing your e-mail address
Yield to temptation and try a sample
Zoom in to see handcrafted details

What would you add?

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Pennies on the dollar and other cautionary notes

May 28, 2013

pennies on a dollar photo by Debbie Lynn Butler the E-Content Butler

Have you ever heard a special offer that sounds too good to be true—just pennies on the dollar or a list of bonuses valued at twice your monthly salary?  Remember how learning the truth made you feel. Act accordingly the next time you create a special offer.

Step back and view it through the eyes of your prospective customers.
• Does your offer keep the promise(s) that brought them to your product page in the first place?
• Is your language clear and precise so they know exactly what they’ll get?
• Will they feel they are getting a good value for their money compared to its reported worth?
• Is the final price—including applicable taxes and shipping/handling fees—highly visible?
• Are you believable—avoiding statements like “I always over deliver” and “this one tip alone is worth the cost of enrollment” and other such nonsense?
• Are you creating the best first impression possible or are you chasing away customers?

Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler and founder of AVA Professional Support Services, enables clients to save time and shine online with her content writing, editing, publishing, and online presence management services.

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Count-the-cost checklist for DIY marketing

June 25, 2012

Are you considering a DIY marketing project? Be sure to count the cost of
• The hours a project will take you given your level of expertise
• Your time at the hourly rate your customers pay
• Loss of time doing what you love
• Material costs
• Additional technology, software, or equipment purchases required
• Time to figure out what you did wrong and/or phone calls to help desks
• Less-than-professional looking results
• The frustration of having more on your to-do list

What is the true cost of your do-it-yourself marketing project?

3 pitfalls to avoid with DIY marketing

June 18, 2012

If you are unable to afford a top-notch marketing firm at present, be sure to avoid these pitfalls with your DIY marketing efforts:
• Don’t assume DIY requires no budget.
Instead, prioritize where you will spend money in order to present your company in the best possible light.
• Don’t neglect to count the cost.
Consider your hourly worth, the cost of materials and technology, and the amount of expertise required before you a decide it’s cheaper to do it yourself than to hire someone.
• Avoid looking cheap and unprofessional.
It’s okay to try to save money by being a do-it-yourselfer. Make sure your efforts proclaim your professionalism instead of your unwillingness to spend money.

What would you add to this list?

What is your favorite DIY marketing tip?

June 11, 2012

What is your favorite DIY marketing idea? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month

More DIY marketing for Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month

50 DIY marketing tips

Do-it-yourself marketing: is it right for you right now?

June 4, 2012

When should you consider do-it-yourself marketing?
• As a start-up—don’t be shy about telling everyone you know about your new business.
• If you have a very limited budget—make use of free social media and online profiles in article directories, your Chamber of Commerce membership listing, and the roster for your industry or professional associations.
• When you network and attend events—if you don’t promote your business, who will?
• As your business grows to include marketing personnel or a marketing department, they become your company’s DIY marketing experts—keep them busy and happily employed.
• If you know exactly what you want to see/do/accomplish—go right ahead if you have the time, money, and expertise to do it yourself without negatively impacting the rest of your business.
Is do-it-yourself marketing right for you right now?

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