Posts to help you make the most of your time

Your time is valuable so here’s a recap of the posts that captured the most attention in 2015:

How to find a font when you don’t know its name

As of this posting, What The Font from My Fonts is still available to help you identify a font you have admired elsewhere.

How to experience freedom from difficult customers

Unfortunately, less- than-ideal customers continue to be a challenge for business owners (and their employees). You may find solutions that will work for you in this post.

Simplify content creation with this checklist

This post provides 4 focus areas for your content creation. I also provide new clients with a detailed checklist.

Web hosting options

While some of this information is outdated, Consumer Rankings and Hosting Review provided 2016 rankings as of this posting. I also highly recommend Weebly for the price and ease of setting up and maintaining a Web site (not just because they had an affiliate program with $10 payment for new customers).

Have you written your book yet?

This gives you a starting point as a brand-new author. In-depth book writing information for aspiring authors is available on my Web site.

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