Is a smartphone controlling your life?

Thanks to smartphones, we can have instant access to more information than we need at any waking moment. We can also
• Miss out on the simply joys unfolding around us but capture the milestones in pictures
• Forget how to carry on a face-to-face conversation but text quickly
• Tune others out yet tweet trending news
• Both lose sleep and sleep better thanks to smartphone technology
• Imagine selfies are more awesome than sunrises and sunsets or other people laughing but share pictures more easily
• Blame poor spelling and grammar on typing on a tiny keyboard and/or texting in a hurry so we post fearlessly and often

Smartphone technology can also save lives, time, energy, and money. These cartoons disregard those applications. With that in mind, check and see if you identify with any of these scenarios where a smartphone could be controlling your life.

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