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As a content marketer and copy writer, I’m often asked about creating content “for all the social networks.” Although that would be a substantial amount of content (and income for me), my response is always “focus on where your ideal clients spend time and then create the most valuable content that you can—for them. Depending on your brand, this may be
• Breaking news or appropriate responses to breaking news
• Contests
• Directions, how-to information, tutorials
• Fun facts
• Humor
• Ideas for DIY projects
• On-location pictures and commentary
• Photos of new products along with how people are using them
• Progress reports
• Special offers for friends, fans, and followers
• Ways for your audience to share their story as it relates to your business or organization
• Last but not least: take an interest in people—engage in real conversations,  ask questions, or share something of theirs you found interesting instead of just churning out content of your own

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