What if…?

What if you could make a real difference in the world? According to this graphic—representing our world of 7 billion+ people as 100 people—there are many people you could help.
• 23% are without a place to live
• 16% go hungry
• 48% live on less per day than a US worker earning minimum wage makes in 20 minutes
• 13% have no access to clean water
• 17% can’t read or write
• 93% do not have a college degree that might open doors to a better life

What if we all did something?
• Create awareness
• Design solutions
• Work with others to build homes or increase the availability of food and water
• Provide jobs
• Teach someone to read or learn a marketable skill

What if…?

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Credits: information for the graphic was provided by 100people.org; the graphic was created by Jack Hagley


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