Even writers know the right tools make the job easier

Have you ever tried to save time and a trip to the hardware store by using the tools you have instead of the tools you need for a “quick” home repair? If you’re like me, you have stories about why that isn’t always the best decision.

As a wordsmith, you may be tempted to cut corners and save time by doing the best you can with what you have. Invest in tools that will make you an expert.

If you proofread and edit, you should have a dictionary for each dialect you edit, one good thesaurus, and style guides (MLA, APA, the Chicago Manual of Style) for the kind of work you are editing. If you are a writer, invest in journal writing apps, speech-to-text software, and tools that will help you organize and expand upon your ideas. If your passion is pictures, know your best sources for quality stock and Creative Commons images so your words can be few.

For more ideas, check out these recommendations by Steve Aedy.

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