Need help with your content marketing goals?

You may or may not have business goals that look like this:
• Make a positive difference in the world
• Operate in the black
• Pay fair wages in a timely manner

Your content marketing goals need to be even more specific. For instance, if you want to “generate income from content marketing,” you need to create content to
• Make people aware of your brand and how you can help them
• Increase qualified leads
• Engage prospects and customers in conversations that will answer the questions they have before they buy
• Sell additional items in your product line
• Resolve problems so customers remain fans
• Offer incentives to clients who are loyal to your business

For the best results, write out your content marketing goals and measure your successes. For more tips on improving your ROI, read Heidi Cohen’s summary of these 2015 B2C content marketing trends.

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