6 ways to take better care of yourself as a service provider

As a service provider, you spend your working hours taking care of your clients. Thanks to the wide-spread acceptance of telecommuting and virtual assistance, you may wander no farther than your kitchen or study in the course of the day. This is no way to take care of yourself as a service provider.

As little as 5 minutes of walking every waking hour can combat the harmful effects of a sedentary job and after-work activities. How can you make this happen?
1. Start and/or end the day with a walk around the block
2. Walk EVERY SINGLE TIME you are on your phone
3. Set an hourly timer—get up, get a drink of water, complete a small task in another room, walk to the mailbox, pull some weeds in the garden
4. Put your phone, your printer, and your filing cabinet a good distance from your desk so you have to get up to use them
5. Don’t multi-task—get out of your chair NOW instead of waiting to finish “just one more thing”
6. Only watch TV while walking on a treadmill

Read more about 5 minutes of walking here.

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