Are you making the most of your content assets?

As a business person, you need to keep a close eye on income and expenditures. Are you also making the most of your content assets? You have these underutilized assets if you
• Own a company logo and promotional material
• Keep an ideas notebook
• Maintain a Web site
• Blog
• Write articles
• Publish books or e-books
• Send e-mail marketing newsletters
• Tweet/post on social media
• Take photographs
• Create images
• Commission branded artwork and infographics
• Record audios and videos
• Podcast

How can you make the most of your content assets? Create a system of tagging your content so you can easily find it in the future when you want to link to an earlier blog post, for example, or reuse an amazing photograph where you also own the copyright.

How you tag is up to you. It will be influenced by
• The amount of content you create—massive content requires more search terms
• The number of distinctly different subjects you cover—if possible, subdivide into categories first
• How you are wired to view the world—for instance, will you group photographs by predominant theme, color, location, emotion evoked, date, people or object depicted?

In the end, your business benefits from you being able to find and reuse your content assets. You save time because you can easily find what you want so you don’t have to constantly create all-new content and you can quickly and meaningfully add to social media conversations with your brand’s voice. You save money, too, if you normally outsource this.

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