How writers can make the most of visual content

As a writer, you are comfortable working with words. Text, pen, paper, a variety of keyboards, word processing and speech recognition software, and grammar and spell checkers are the tools of your trade. So how can you, as a writer without a professional photographer on your staff, make the most of visual content?

As with any project, it’s about using the right tool for the job and knowing the right people—especially those with knowledge about tools and resources in the area you are exploring.

Take time to explore the 45 visual content creation tools in this list by Kyle O’Riley. An easy place for a wordsmith to start? Take the post you have written, plug the text into a tool like Wordle, and create a word cloud to serve as the illustration for your post.

Adam Weinroth recommends photo-editing and infographic creation tools. He also shares sources for interesting images to enhance your written content. Try PicMonkey by adding a favorite quote to a picture.

Donna Moritz gives hands-on tips and tools to save you time and get you started adding visual content to your written words. Still don’t know where to start? Try content curation for visuals you find that interest you and/or your intended audience.

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