What matters most—and is that how you start your day?

How you spend your time and your money reveals your priorities whether you intend them to or not. Make the most of your day by starting it with things that matter to you:
• Being kind or saying “I love you”
• Spending time in meditation, prayer, or quiet reflection
• Enjoying quality time with family or friends
• Exercising
• Selecting healthy foods for the day
• Getting outside (with or without your pet)
• Reading
• Writing
• Catching up on social media
• Saying “no” to a bad habit
• Choosing to say “yes” only to the best opportunities
• Focusing on one task that will make your business successful

If your business “to-do” list seems too long to narrow your choices down to just one, consider a direct or indirect money-maker from Lynn Terry’s list of tasks.

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