Writing your masterpiece—7 points for soon-to-be-published pros

Unless you are writing to clear your conscience of a deep, dark secret before you die, you should not be writing for yourself. You should be writing for your readers.

Until you are a best-selling author with fans who will buy anything you publish, remember the following do matter to many readers:
1. Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
2. A story that is entertaining, edifying, and/or educational
3. A consistent, easily readable style
4. A positive attitude (either on the part of the non-fiction author or the fictional characters)
5. An obvious “what’s in it for me” for them—even if you are penning your autobiography—because they already know what’s in it for you
6. Promise keeping in the form of living up to your title, your cover material, and your book description
7. Faithfulness to the genre—no picking an obscure category simply to rank well

If you have trouble with any of these or if your autobiography would be more engaging in third person (instead of always saying “I” and “me”), hire editing and ghostwriting help.

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