Have you written your book yet?

Everyone has a story to tell. Have you written your book yet? If not, here are some ideas and questions to get you started.

Imagine your ideal reader. What does s/he have in common with you? Where can you be of help? What style and language appeals to this one reader? Does s/he want to be educated or entertained or both? Does s/he prefer first person accounts or third person narratives?

Focus on one great idea (and save all the others for future books). What are you so passionate about that you won’t mind spending hours writing a book that may or may not be a best-seller? Is there a trending topic related to your area of expertise? Is there a story whose characters are practically leaping onto the page for you?

Make it easy on yourself by narrowing down your time frame. Will you write fiction set in the Mayan age, the Regency era, or 200 years in the future? If you choose to write non-fiction, will you write about the present or the past or jump between the two? If you write about the past, will you write in the past tense or write as if the events are occurring now?

Keep narrowing down your topic and story. Will you focus on life in colonial Williamsburg instead of life in the colonies? Will you talk about soccer around the world or fútbol in Barcelona?

Be very clear about why you want to write a book and proceed accordingly. Is it to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren? Use voice-to-text software to capture family stories instead of never quite finishing a 600 page manuscript. If your goal is to generate additional income, pay attention to cover art, editing, proofreading, marketing, and professionally publishing your tome at a price that will consistently attract readers.

Begin with a great idea and a clear purpose. Create an outline for the bare bones of your book. Write, preferably without interruptions, on a consistent daily basis until your book is done. Hire help for editing, proofreading, publishing, and marketing then enjoy your status as a published author.

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