What will make you a top blogger?

If you want to be a top blogger—which, depending on your definition, can mean making a difference in the world, attracting a large following, engaging in meaningful conversations, and/or monetizing your blog—then you need to stop thinking of your blog simply as your personal diary or a convenient place to pitch your products.

Always think of your readers first
Their time is valuable so forget the fluff pieces of writing and the sales pitches. Give them facts and figures presented in a fun way, solid ready-to-use information, and the actual material they are looking for (instead of what you may want to write about).

Give them a second thought
Know their preferences for how frequently they want to hear from you and in what format. Some people prefer audio so they can multitask. Others enjoy video content and slide shows. However, speed readers will only find these frustrating and annoying unless you also provide transcripts.

And think again before you publish
Double check to make sure you are offering something of value. Proofread and edit, too, so your audience won’t stumble over your presentation.

This is my opinion as a blogger and as an avid reader. You can see what over one thousand other bloggers had to say in Andy Crestodina’s “Survey Of 1000+ Bloggers: How To Be In The Top 5%.”

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