8 ways to get more Twitter attention

As a Twitter user, you can still type a 140-character message that includes a link to your Web site, your blog post, your latest product, your audio or video presentation, or a favorite image. However, you can attract more attention and get more of a response if you use Twitter business cards. Put the focus on your
• Artwork, photos, and images using the Photo Card (for a single image) or the Gallery Card (for 4 images)
• Audio or video using the Player Card
• Blog using the Summary Card
• Mobile app using the App Card
• Newsletter signup, opt-in offer, etc. using the Lead Generation Card
• Product using the Product Card
• Web site using the Website Card

Kristi Hines shares detailed instructions on how to set these up and analyze your results in her excellent article “8 Types of Twitter Cards Businesses Are Using.”

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