That stinks

You may think this is a joke, but there are actually people in the world who think lilies stink. Because of how they are wired, there is no convincing them otherwise.

It’s the same with your content. It can look good, be anything but boring, evoke emotions, appeal to the senses, and still stink because it misses the mark. Instead of speaking to “everyone,” it needs to address the needs of a particular reader.

A case in point: using “with Febreze” as a selling point for a product
• Excellent strategy for marketing to those who love the scent of Febreze
• Counterproductive for selling to those who react negatively
However, you can still use “with Febreze” content to show you care enough to warn people who are highly allergic to it or suffer migraines because of this trigger.

It’s all about addressing the needs of your audience instead of pushing your product or your viewpoint until your intended customer says “that stinks.”

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