How a horrendous headline helps blog readership

People are predictable—they frequently focus on flaws first. For proof, think about the first words out of the mouths of certain sports commentators, peer reviewers, judges, evaluators, reporters (not just restaurant reviewers and movie critics), and even your own mother (you know the drill: “so beautiful but.…” or “very handsome, however….”).

Use fault-finding to focus attention on your blog. I’m pretty sure someone—maybe even you—read this blog post’s headline and thought “That’s wrong—you need great headlines because they determine whether people keep reading.” So true! Luckily for me, this headline was a shameless appeal to people’s propensity to find fault.

Fortunately for both of us, there are multiple ways to increase blog readership. Check out Heidi Cohen’s “64 tips to increase blog reach” and pick your favorites.

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