Continuing the conversation about “more followers on Twitter”

Earlier, I raised the question “Can you really double your Twitter following in only 5 minutes a day?” Because I am a copywriter, I can naturally spin this several ways.
• I can tell you what works—that’s what last week’s post was about
• I can be clever or brutally honest or both—you really can double your Twitter following in 5 minutes as long as you have as many friends to ask to follow you as you have time and followers at the start of the day (1 follower, 1 other friend—this doubling your Twitter following is no problem, right? How about 2001 followers and 21 other friends?)
• I can also point out pitfalls to getting Twitter followers by encouraging you to read Shanna Mallon’s “8 reasons you’re not getting more followers on Twitter.”

Of course, I can help. Where would you like to start?

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