What to do with your old computer and outdated technology—upcycle and recycle

If you have acquired new technology and want to get rid of your old computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, please do not toss it in the trash. Recycle or upcycle instead.

The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce (in southeastern Pennsylvania) has sponsored electronics recycling events. Your city or local Chamber may do likewise.

Middle school and high school students in Pennsylvania’s Derry Township School District (if you like to travel, they are in “Hershey, PA—the sweetest place on earth”) are upcyclers. They take materials that might otherwise be discarded and give them a new and better purpose. In this case, they will be refurbishing technology and donating it to those in need in the community. What a great way to use their talents and interest in technology while making a real difference in the world!

I hope you can find similar upcycling and recycling programs in your area.

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