How do you get rid of a client in the nicest possible way?

Have you and a long-time client moved in different directions? Are you ready to try something new? For any number of reasons, do you need to get rid of a troublesome customer or one who demands services you no longer wish to provide for him or her? The first hurdle, especially if you are rather short on clients, is choosing to end the relationship in the nicest possible way.

A second challenge is replacing the lost income. This is easier than you may think. Use the time you normally spend dealing with a difficult client to find a better one or take a minute to calculate what this bad customer is actually costing you in
• Peace of mind
• Attacks on your integrity, your staff, and/or your facility
• Time lost dealing with complaints, unreasonable demands, or questions
• Unpaid bills and rebilling
Subtract this hidden cost from what the client actually pays and you might be pleasantly surprised at how little you will lose.

A third difficulty is knowing what to say and do to achieve your desired result. Read Dave Levinsky’s “4 Reasons To Fire A Client” for compelling reasons and sample scripts to walk you through the process of getting rid of a client.

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