Solopreneurs—are you adding rich visual content to your online presence?

example of image created by Debbie Lynn Butler the E-Content Butler using PicMonkey

When I mention adding rich visual content, what pops into your mind?

• Where in the world do I start?
Start with pictures you already own the copyright to and have in your possession.

• It takes too much time to find pictures that work for my business!
File away images that are appropriate for your business as soon as you see them. Make use of images from your marketing materials. Take pictures of your office, products, and events you attend or sponsor.

• Great photos cost too much for my current budget.
Create a list of shots you would like to have the right to use and take your own pictures, or hire a friend, an amateur photographer, or someone on to create them for you for $5.

• I’ve hired a ghostwriter. Now you’re telling me I need images, too?
Adding the right image to a blog post can increase views and engagement.

• Oh, joy–more selfies!
Yes, you can take pictures of yourself and use them if this is what your audience wants to see.

• How about some free tools?
Megan Corwin has taken care of this in her article “3 Great (Free!) Resources For Creating Instagram Content.” You don’t even need an Instagram account to get a PicMonkey image like the one I created for this post.

What is keeping you from adding visual interest to your online content?

Shine online with content writing, editing, publishing, and online posting done for you by Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler.

Image credit: Debbie Lynn Butler using PicMonkey


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