10 tips to tell if you are doing online content right

We have become prolific creators of online content. Much has been written about marketing with content, using social media to boost business, and making money with a blog. Yet with all this online information—good, bad, and somewhere in between—too many content creators are not treating their audience right.

This is not the case with Zoe Fox and her article “10 Empowering Apps For Social Good.”  If you want to do online content right, here are ten tips you can see at work in her article, starting from the top:
1. Make sure the article delivers on the promise in the headline
2. Include multiple, easy ways to share
3. Clearly mark the ads [and the affiliate links, if you have them]
4. Add images that strengthen your message
5. Give proper credit for the images you use
6. Offer both an “Open Gallery” and a “Show As List” option to make content easy to view on varying devices
7. Link to other items of interest but do so sparingly
8. Be other-centered—it’s refreshing to see someone promoting the good work others have done
9. Invite comments
10. Add a call to action at the end of the post instead of repeatedly throughout the article

Which of these apps for social good can you recommend to others?

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