Is your call to action missing an action verb? 25 action-packed choices

Is your call to action missing an action verb? Grab one of these:
Act now
Buy today
Call me
Don’t wait
Enjoy our video recap
Forget what you think you know about _____ [your niche]
Get your copy here
Hurry in for our door buster specials
Invest in your future success
Join now
Keep this widget as our thanks for trying our new product
Leave your question in a voice mail message
Make an offer I can’t refuse
Name your price
Order now
Post a comment
Quit wasting money on products that don’t work–call us today
Read more
Save time—order done-for-you content
Take an additional 10% off when you order before Wednesday
Uncover the secrets of SEO with this special report
View our gallery here
Win a prize just for sharing your e-mail address
Yield to temptation and try a sample
Zoom in to see handcrafted details

What would you add?

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