Factors that influence Google ranking

Have you ever asked “Why doesn’t my Web site show up in Google search results?” Have you followed expert advice and still been disappointed with your Google placement? See what else you can do to improve your Google ranking:
• View Douglas Karr’s “Infographic: 200 Ranking Factors in the Google Algorithm
• Peruse Brian Dean’s “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List” if you want even more details
• Check out Google’s search engine optimization starter guide
• Don’t try to trick the search engine—this could backfire

Next steps:
• Determine where exactly you show up in Google search results (page 20? page 5? 4th in the list on page 1?) right now
• Identify three or more ranking factors you have ignored
• Take corrective action
• Check to see if your ranking in Google search results improves over time

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