How do your customers like to learn?

Image by Debbie Lynn Butler the E-Content Butler showing options to answer the question how do you like to learn?

Too many YouTube videos suggest their creators would rather ignore how the majority of people like to learn in favor of convenience and better search engine results for themselves. Almost anyone can click the record button and tape themselves talking but does your target market want to listen?

Find out how people really like to learn in the results of Karyn Greenstreet’s 2013 Learning Survey. You may be surprised.

What kind of content do you offer in comparison to what people desire? If you have an abundance of audios and videos but little written content, I can repurpose your audio and video material into a variety of cleaned-up, written formats. Content creation choices include articles, blog posts, bonus downloads, e-books, e-mail newsletter features, handouts, and social media posts. How can I help you?

Reclaim your time. Get content writing, editing, publishing, and online posting done for you by Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler and founder of AVA Professional Support Services.

Image credit: Debbie Lynn Butler


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