7 writing prompts for those who would rather do anything else instead of writing

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Does the thought of creating fresh content for your Web site or your blog give you a headache? Are you a master at finding things you would rather do instead of write? Use these writing prompts to make content creation easier.
• Are you a sports fan?
Pick a favorite sport. Use terms from the game to describe how you help your clients succeed.

• Do you have a hobby like woodworking or gardening?
Compare the steps required to complete a hobby project to those you take working with a new customer.

• Does a chilled beverage hold more appeal than a pen (or other writing tool)?
Think up some sizzling summer specials.

• Are you a foodie?
Spice up your writing and your product descriptions with luscious adjectives. In case you’ve never noticed, many descriptors—even in the business world—are food related like “raspberry iPad cover” and “lime laptop sleeve.”

• Would you rather be curled up in a hammock with a good book?
Plug a product by patterning your promotional blurb after the cover jacket text.

• Are you a gamer?
Talk about a winning strategy in gaming and in business.

• Do you enjoy playing word games?
If so, your problem may be procrastination instead of hating to write. Use words from a game like Dabble (pictured above) to inspire future text.

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