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Does your online content make people think? Although I am actively involved in improving the lives of those living in poverty, I can still be surprised by online research revealing how some people choose to use time, resources, and technology.  How about you?

Match the statement to the correct number in billions (lettered A-F). Figures are based on May 2013 research.

1. Cost to put the first four people on Mars

2. Global citizens living on less than $1.25/day

3. Individuals living on less than $2.50 USD/day

4. The earth’s inhabitants in May 2013

5. People without access to toilets

6. Those without safe drinking water

7. Number of folks with access to a mobile phone

8. Hours of YouTube watched in one month in spring 2013

9. World population in October 1999

10. More than ____ live in substandard housing

Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler and founder of AVA Professional Support Services, enables clients to save time and shine online with her content writing, editing, publishing, and online presence management services.

Image credit: Debbie Lynn Butler

1-F 2-B 3-E 4-C 5-D 6-A 7-F 8-E 9-F 10-A, B


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