7 clues that it is time to clean up your language

words for talk image by Debbie Lynn Butler the E-Content Butler

The words you choose have a powerful effect on your audience. People will remember how you made them feel long after they forget your exact words.

It’s time to clean up your language and word choices if you
1. Use words that are difficult for your intended audience to understand
2. Fail to define technical terms and industry idioms that can’t be avoided
3. Talk down to others instead of treating them as friends
4. Forego inclusive language in order to appear more powerful and in control
5. Fill conversational gaps with fillers like um or you know
6. Speak in slang–even business slang
7. Choose to make off-colored or derogatory remarks

How do you need to clean up your act?

Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler and founder of AVA Professional Support Services, enables clients to save time and shine online with her content writing, editing, publishing, and online presence management services.

Image credit: Debbie Lynn Butler

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