Where do you find the time? 7 ways to build your online presence without giving up too much time

Time in a day image by Debbie Lynn Butler the E-Content Butler

A common excuse for not _____ [fill in the blank: blogging, participating on social networking sites, updating a Web site, writing a Kindle bestseller, building an online presence] is “I don’t have enough time.” Here’s where to find the time to make sure your prospects can find you and your business online.

• Record more.
As soon as a thought that might interest your audience pops into your head, record it. You’ll save time trying to come up with creative ideas.

• Turn off the television.
Use the time you save to create content.

• Hire help.
A ghostwriter, copywriter, virtual assistant, housekeeper, personal chef, caregiver, or office manager can give you more hours to focus on writing.

• Create when you are at your best.
You’ll get more creative work done when you are most alert and energized. Save folding laundry or polishing the truck for when you can barely think straight.

• Single task.
Multi-tasking only saves time for the people who pile their jobs on your plate. If you can’t delegate to others, at least set aside an uninterrupted chunk of time to work on building your online presence.

• Sleep less.
By giving up as little as 15 minutes of sleep at the start or the end of your day, you can whip out at least one fresh content theme, headline, or closing and call to action.

• Make the most of your sleeplessness.
I understand not wanting to sacrifice a minute of sleep because you’ve been up caregiving and then couldn’t fall back to sleep. Use voice-to-text software to organize your day, record random thoughts that might lead to future content, or read other people’s blogs for inspiration.

Where will you find the time to build your online presence? See how I can help with writing, editing, publishing, and online presence management.

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