What do pink daffodils have to do with customer service?

not-pink daffodils

When confronted with a customer problem, you as your company’s customer service representative can do several things:
• Acknowledge the problem OR tell the customer s/he is color blind—the daffodils ARE pink
• Offer to fix the problem OR point out that peach–colored daffodils cost more, so this is good deal
• Say you’re sorry and ask the customer what s/he would like to see happen next OR justify your mistake with excuses
• Listen to the complaint and then offer a refund OR ignore the complaint completely because everyone knows daffodils are yellow
• Send the pink daffodil bulbs and ask the customer to enjoy both the pink and the peach flowers with your compliments OR read from a script that doesn’t address the problem, offer a solution, or provide a refund
• Enjoy repeat business from this customer OR lose a customer for life
Which will you choose?

Photo credit: Debbie Lynn Butler


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