Are your social media profiles picture perfect?

Debbie Lynn Butler on Twitter

What does your picture on social media sites say about you? Are you making a great first impression?

You get a profile picture and a larger cover photo. Twenty percent of that cover photo can now be occupied by text. If you want, you can include a call to action, contact information, a thank you to your followers, and links to other parts of your online presence. The cover photo must be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall or your image will be stretched to fit.

If you do nothing, your profile picture currently appears in a circle on a dark background full of circles. Integrate that smaller profile picture into a larger cover photo, which may include text. Profile photos end up being circular even though you upload a 250 x 250 pixel image. The cover photo must be between 480 pixels wide by 270 pixels tall and 2120 pixels wide by 1192 pixels tall.

At present, LinkedIn doesn’t include cover photos. You can, however, increase the size of your profile picture to 500 x 500 pixels. The Gallery feature also allows you to add a variety of visual images within different sections of your profile.

You get three blank canvases here: one for your profile picture, another (called the header) to replace the black void that appears by default behind your profile photo and your 160-character Twitter bio, and a Twitter background. The header can be 1252 pixels wide by 626 pixels tall. Recommended backgrounds fall between 1600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall and 2500 pixels wide by 1600 pixels tall.

Please note: as with all social media platforms, these parameters are subject to change (and change rapidly and/or frequently). When in doubt, check with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter. At the very least, most programs include size restrictions when you try to load an image.

Are your social media pictures perfect for making a great first impression?


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