What comes after “I want to grow my business”?

If “I want to grow my business” is at the top of your to-do list, you need to take the appropriate steps to make it happen. Here are a good first three.

First, future customers need to be able to find you and your business online. Set up (or hire help for creating) your Web presence. Choose at least one of these:
• A Web site
• A blog
• A social networking profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
• An updated mini-page in your Chamber of Commerce’s online directory

Second, you need to offer something of value that will lead people and search engines to you. Generally, this means great content that answers the questions your customers and prospects are asking. Sometimes it means addressing issues they haven’t yet thought to ask.

Third, you need to keep building both your online presence and a physical presence at local networking events. Find out what challenges people are facing, share how you can help, and then ask for their business.

Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler and founder of AVA Professional Support Services, enables clients to save time and shine online with her content writing, editing, and online presence management services.


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