13 baby steps to make this your best year ever

Some people make (and break) resolutions. Others take steps toward their dreams. Here are 13 small steps you can take to make this your best year ever.
1. Refrain from making resolutions—you don’t need that kind of frustration and disappointment
2. Write down your dream for this year so you can refer back to it frequently
3. Decide on one small actionable step you can do today to move closer to your goal and then do it
4. Commit to another small step for tomorrow
5. Take action at your most productive time of day
6. Continue to take consistent, small steps instead of hoping for massive results overnight
7. Take time to nurture your creativity so you can see new possibilities
8. Look for easy-to-use resources to give yourself an edge and continue your forward progress
9. If you don’t know what to do next, enlist the support of a mentor or a coach
10. Take notes so you can duplicate your results in the future
11. If you hit a roadblock or plateau, go back to basics
12. Evaluate as you go along—only keep doing what works or produces the results you desire
13. Hire help so you can focus your time and your best efforts on your goal

What will you do to have your best year ever?


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