Does new technology help or hurt your business? 7 thoughts to make the choice easier

New technology can be a double-edged sword: making tasks easier but often at a hefty price. What’s a business owner to do?
• Know what you can manage on your own and what you need help with
• Identify areas of your business you would like to automate or outsource
• Consider who and what could meet your needs
• Look for feedback and reviews from people you trust
• Look for trial offers so you can try before you buy
• Read the fine print—do you pay a one-time fee or monthly? What support is included along with your purchase? Where is their help desk located and do they speak your language there?
• Weigh the cost of the new technology against the cost of your time doing the same task without software or an app
Armed with this information, you will be able to choose the best technology your business can afford to help you achieve your goals.


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