You can relax AND create quick content

Just because you’re relaxing doesn’t mean you can’t create quick content. You may enjoy sports, shopping, social networking, volunteering, or outings with friends. I love to read. All of these leisure pastimes can inspire fresh content for your blog, newsletter, or Web pages.
• Take and post pictures
• Create an image with words (try Wordle)
• Post an interesting quote, statistic, or analogy
• Find and share trends, deals, and inspiring spaces
• Listen to other people’s opinions, thoughts, and dreams and then comment
• Share your passion by creating reviews, recommendations, and opportunities to get involved
• Remember that children still say amazing things even if they are misquoting their parents


One Response to You can relax AND create quick content

  1. Thanks. I needed to hear this today. I was beginning to feel those Monday pressures of having to “produce” and be on all the time, and this helped!!

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