Is the customer always right?

As a business owner, you get to decide if “the customers are always right” even when they are wrong. We’ve all made honest mistakes—reading the fine print incorrectly, miscalculating an expiration date, making wrong assumptions, wishing something was so even if it is nearly impossible, etc. It’s how we respond to the honest mistakes of others that determine whether or not we make friends and customers for life.

Please note: I’m not advocating rewarding those who want something for nothing, who demand additional services and then refuse to pay for them, or who steal merchandise and then try to get a refund. These people are not right—they are dishonest. You don’t need this kind of customer.


2 Responses to Is the customer always right?

  1. As someone who works in delivering business services, it’s a tough call, and as you noted, truly comes down to understanding the situation and working towards a solution, not determine who’s right or wrong.

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