5 quick blog post ideas for June

If you want to blog consistently, you sometimes need inspiration. Here are five quick ideas for June blog posts.

1. Finish your e-book then post a link to the audio version of Chapter 1 of your future best-selling book for Audio Book Appreciation Month.

2. For Corn Month, blog about your corny joke contest then compile and post the winning entries (household humor, medical mayhem, lawyer laughs, the butler did it bits, etc.)

3. Share marketing tips for Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month.

4. For National Candy Month, pick your favorite candy and ask your audience how it reminds them of your business. Award a sample for the best answers.

5. Announce how your company is making the world a safer place during National Safety Month.

Special thanks to the original Brownielocks and The 3 Bears for such a comprehensive list of holidays, observances, and celebrations.


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