Are good listeners better writers?

Some people hate to write but love to talk; others love to write but hate to talk. Neither set of characteristics automatically makes one a good listener. This is unfortunate because good listeners are better writers simply because they rarely run out of inspiration and fresh material.

A case in point: simply by listening at a live networking event, one could write about a dozen different topics.
• Trends
• Where to go for a client meeting if you own a home business
• What businesses offer services or products that are complementary to yours
• How a new business might make a good joint venture partner for you or a client
• One or more business success stories
• How the economy is affecting business and steps you can take to beat the odds
• Where to get a good deal
• A new service
• A new use for a product
• Upcoming events that might interest your customers
• One or more people who are making a difference
• How the cost of doing business improves when working with Chamber of Commerce members

Any one of these might be turned into an article, a blog post, e-mail newsletter material, a social networking fun fact, or fresh Web page content.  If you still struggle to boost your online presence, find out how I can polish your notes or write custom content for you.

Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler and founder of AVA Professional Support Services, enables clients to save time and shine online with her content writing, editing, and online   presence management services. Find out more about following her on Twitter.


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