Please help this teacher win

Thank you for supporting Lisa! In a field of over 100 individuals, large companies, government entities, and educational institutions, your votes helped her place second for the People’s Choice award. She was also runner-up for Technology Educator of the Year and Technology Product of the Year. Best of all, hundreds of people are using her SpanishTechbook. Thank you!


Usually I write about writing and creating content to build your online presence. Today I’m writing to help Lisa Butler, my favorite educational technology advisor and Spanish teacher.

Lisa has been nominated for a PA Tech Award for her creation of the Spanish Techbook, an online resource she is sharing with Spanish teachers and students as a public service. Please help her win the People’s Choice award by voting for her at and then sharing this request with your friends, fans, and followers (and if the voting feature is malfunctioning, please try again later). Lisa and I thank you for voting and for putting the power of social networking to work on her behalf.

An addendum: you should see a gold Vote button. Click the one next to Lisa’s name and it (and all the other Vote buttons) will turn gray. If the Vote button is gray to start, either the system is experiencing problems or someone has already voted from your device (computer, laptop, phone) today.

I talked with Lisa earlier. She is delighted with the amount of interest being shown in the Spanish Techbook, knowing this will help more students get excited about Spanish, and thanks you for your support.


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