Why spelling doesn’t matter to the content marketing expert

Don’t let poor spelling slow you down when you are passionate about your subject and want to build your online presence with content marketing. Become an awesome content creator by following these steps:

1. Capture your great ideas in a tangible form (audio, video, or text). Don’t worry about perfection at this point—just get those thoughts out of your head.

2. Know what content format appeals to your audience. You might be a champion speller, but it won’t matter one iota if your intended recipient prefers audio or video to text.

3. If your fans, friends, followers, and subscribers love video or audio content, smile and breathe a sigh of relief—you’re almost done. Ask a friend who is a good speller to double check spelling in your posts, on your landing page, and in your call to action. Don’t forget to peruse your contact information and URL, too.

4. Acknowledge how important it is to get your message out. Don’t keep great ideas, valuable information, and your passion to yourself simply because you’re not the world’s best speller.

5. Understand that although spelling doesn’t have to matter to you, it may matter a great deal to your readers. They may judge your professionalism, your expertise, and your willingness to pay attention to detail by how you present yourself on paper. Hire someone to proofread for you so your message will not be dismissed or ignored.

Don’t let poor spelling stop you from sharing your expertise. Ask for help if you need it then fearlessly create valuable content for your following.


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