How to avoid spellchecker errors: 5 tips and tools for spell checking

If you write articles or blog posts, create written content for your Web site, or pen prose for books, you may have experienced funny or infuriating spellchecker substitutions. Here are five tips and tools to prevent problems with spell checking before you publish or post.

1. Read your completed text out loud, word for word. While your eyes may skim over a misspelling, your lips may stumble and help you catch a mistake. Similarly, pronouncing words carefully as you commit them to text will often help you get closer to the correct spelling so your spellchecker can more accurately guess the correct word.

2.. Read your text backwards. This slows you down so you really look at each word.

3. Realize your spell checker cannot differentiate between words that sound alike (to, two, too)     although some do have basic syntax and grammar checking capabilities included. When in doubt, use a dictionary.

4. Enter words you use frequently—especially words your spellchecker consistently gets wrong—in your spell check dictionary on your computer and on your iPhone.

5. Hire a proofreader or editor. If you hire someone who is fluent in your language, they can check your grammar while double checking spelling. If you don’t have the money to hire a second set of eyes, the only way to completely avoid spellchecker errors is to produce all your online content in video format, without any subtitles.
Besides being an excellent speller or proofreader, how do you avoid spellchecking mistakes?


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