Social media content: is your stream a fire hose or a fresh mountain stream?

What comes to mind when you hear consumption of e-content described as “drinking from a fire hose”? What if I said “drinking from a pure mountain stream” instead? For you purists, that’s a clear mountain stream in June at its headwaters, which are mysteriously protected by a springhouse built miles away from any agricultural or animal pollutants (humor me here—I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains so I know all about really drinking from those streams).

Which do your readers prefer? Do they want lots of information in a short time? Do they want it readily available, without having to search for it? Are they overwhelmed enough and need it to be easy to consume, helpful, or refreshing? Do they want their e-content only from safe, trusted sources? Does it need to look good?

What will your stream look like because of your readers’ needs?

 Drinking from a fire hose vs a pure mountain stream

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