Social media content: how to plan for quick content 5 ways

Do you frequently find yourself faced with a blank page (or a blank screen) and nothing of value to say on short notice? Plan for quick content creation in the future with these techniques.

1. Write an article. Turn it into several shorter blog posts. Tweet the key points. Post it on Facebook. Include a link on LinkedIn. Let your groups on LinkedIn group and Facebook know where to look.

2. Record a podcast or an interview. Include a link to the audio on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, and your newsletter. Let your Facebook and LinkedIn groups know, too. Use your social media sites to share actions that listeners can take immediately to see results for a particular problem you address in the interview.

3. Create a short video that answers a question. Post the question and link on your social media sites, in your newsletter, and on your blog. When future customers ask the same question by e-mail, you have the information ready to go. You can also include a series of informative links in autoresponders.

4. Pick a theme for this month’s blog posts. Tweet and ask your followers for questions or tips on the subject for use in an upcoming blog post. Tweet or post questions and answers or the top 10 tips. Share with your LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Turn the series into an article then post the link on your social media sites.

5. Take a broad subject you have already addressed and focus on the finer points—a specific problem, a particular member of your audience. An example: buying wedding attire. Pick a problem like the cost. Focus on how you can solve this problem for the bride or the groom. Rework your content, thinking of the parents of the engaged couple. Do this again, thinking of the people paying for the wedding. Now you have unique content from three different viewpoints on the same subject. Use this as mentioned above.

A bonus tip: if you keep your examples inclusive—saying wedding attire instead of wedding gown, parents instead of mother-of-the-bride—you have a wider reach.

Look at articles, blog posts, interviews, podcasts, and videos you have already created to see where you can quickly find additional content when you most need it.


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