The gift that keeps on giving: 25+ inexpensive gift ideas you could use today

Are you tired of giving what’s expected (but not appreciated) or receiving obviously regifted items? Set a new standard. Give a gift that keeps on giving—teach someone else a life skill or a business strategy that you know and love.

Think back to your childhood. Did you have a grandmother who taught you to sew? Did you learn how to fish because a favorite uncle took you fishing? By sharing their interests, they gave gifts that keep on giving long after they are gone.

Because I’m in the content creation business, a great gift that keeps on giving includes a helping hand along with written do-it-yourself instructions.
For family members and friends: how to
• Prepare a recipe that has been in the family for years
• Fix a couple of special dishes for a person with a newly-diagnosed medical condition like diabetes, celiac disease, or high cholesterol
• Cook the holiday turkey (or its substitute)
• Wash clothes
• Mend a tear or sew on a button
• Clean _____ (an heirloom, the bathroom, the car)
• Change a tire
• Report and deal with the aftermath of an accident
• Prepare and stick to a budget
• Balance a checkbook
• Find and apply for funding for _____ (a college education, a vehicle, a new home)
• Program the new _____ (electronic device)
• Catch and debone fish OR stay upright while sailboarding OR create a scrapbook of memories OR know without a doubt you will see your grandparent in heaven….any passion you can share

For an entrepreneur: how to
• Find and apply for funding for a business
• Create the perfect business name
• Make the most of an e-mail signature or business card
• Design a memorable business card
• Choose memberships wisely
• Create a _____ (Request for Proposal form, fax cover sheet, simple contract)
• Set up or update a Web site
• Create fresh content for a blog
• Write and submit articles to article directories
• Set up a social networking profile with settings that are purpose-specific and age-appropriate
• Promote a new social networking URL or ID
• Tweet or post to build trust

What gift that keeps on giving would you like to give to someone you know?


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    I have a feeling my family will LOVE their Christmas presents this year 😀 By far the coolest site I’ve seen!…

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