7 ways to promote your company in January

January is
Celebration of Life Month—let future customers know how you can make their life celebrations more meaningful. Do you offer new parent discounts? Record milestones on video or in portrait form? Coach people through life transitions like retirement? Plan parties and other events?

Financial Wellness Month—show the world your financial planning skills are strong even in a weak economy. Teach someone how to stick to a budget. Explain options for paying for college. Curate a list of financial resources for a new home buyer or someone seeking long-term care for an elderly parent. Offer value and benefits whenever you promote your products or services.
International Creativity Month—demonstrate your creativity in promoting your company and in finding solutions to the pressing needs of your clients. Do things differently from your competition.

National Be On Purpose Month—determine your purpose for doing the work that you do, for owning your own business, for spending your time as you do, for being involved in your community, and/or for social networking. Communicate your purpose so others can share your passion.
National Clean Up Your Computer Month—organize yourself and offer to do the same for your clients. Make it easy for them to locate your e-mails by using clear, concise subject lines. Give files meaningful names instead of Eo97xpSmf.pdf.

National Get Organized Month—create clear step-by-step directions for working through a process with a client or employee. Do you start with a questionnaire? Do you create a style sheet? Do you have a preference for naming files that makes it easy to share and update? Organize these in a central, easily accessible location. Once you build some organizational momentum, you might organize your office or clean out the break room frig, too.

National Mentoring Month—teach a high school or college student about becoming an entrepreneur. Coach someone in your area of expertise. Share valuable information with those who would follow in your footsteps.

How will you promote your company in January?


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