Self-assessment: 20 marketing questions to ask when planning your social media content

Do you have a detailed marketing plan for your business? Does it include the use of social media? If not, these questions can help you clarify where your plan needs improvement.

  • Do I have a clear purpose for having a company presence online?
  • Do I have a written plan for creating and sharing valuable content?
  • Do I have a budget for online advertising and for creating and maintaining my online presence?
  • Do I have written goals for each site where I share content?
  • Do I have a system in place to routinely measure the return on my investment of time and money in social networking?
  • Does my ROI include the quality of relationships or is it limited to dollars and cents?
  • Do I have an acceptable online presence: a Web site, a blog, or a presence on one or more social networking sites?
  • Is my purpose for being online clear at each of the sites where I have a presence?
  • Am I consistently creating and posting fresh, timely material for these sites?
  • Am I contributing on professional forums, LinkedIn Answers or similar sites, or commenting on other people’s blogs in a helpful manner (not simply pushing my product)?
  • Are my ideal clients visiting the places where I am posting or sharing?
  • Am I engaging in meaningful conversations with people who may become friends and customers?
  • Do I strike a balance between sharing helpful information in my area of expertise and promoting my product or service?
  • Do I have a clear call to action associated with each of my social media sites?
  • Are people responding to my call to action or do I need to rethink this?
  • Am I creating content in a format that appeals to my ideal client?
  • Am I incorporating the correct keywords into my content?
  • Am I headed in the right direction?
  • Am I satisfied with the depth and breadth of my online presence?
  • Am I seeing the results I desire from posting my content online?

 Where will you go from here?


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