Cool tools for creating informational products

A friend in the construction business told me any job will go faster and better if you use the right tools. The same is true for constructing your info product. Here are tools I frequently recommend (the first two I also use on behalf of clients who are too busy to do this themselves).

enables you to create high quality audio and video recordings then gives you the tools you need to create custom links and play buttons; record conference calls, interviews, and testimonials; publish podcasts; and create the landing page your informational product needs. This service offers so many get-an-info-product-to-market-quickly opportunities that I became an affiliate.

creates glossy, full-color, cellophane-wrapped, bar coded cases for CDs and DVDs for your custom content. You get a preview sample of the product. They provide the design software you need, and they fulfill customer orders as they are placed, without requiring you to warehouse product.

Voice-to-text software allows you to record your thoughts and produce handouts, how-to manuals, action guides, white papers, or e-book chapters without typing. This is especially useful if you are a hunt-and-peck typist, the cast on your arm makes it impossible to type, or your assistant is unavailable to take dictation. I created the opening paragraph of this post using the speech recognition software included with Windows 7 as part of their ease of access accessory programs. I did switch back to typing it myself when I had to spell a couple of words letter by letter, but it is still worth a try if you already own this Microsoft product. Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance is another voice-to-text software program. It’s pricey but has been recommended to me by several people.


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