Self-assessment: should I create an info product?

Are you toying with the idea of creating an informational product for your business? Are you concerned this endeavor will take more of your precious time than it’s worth? Take this self-assessment to determine its value to you.

Do you want to
1.  Entertain and/or inform (2 of the biggest reasons people go online)
2.  Create credibility
3.  Help more people
4.  Share your expertise with people around the world, not just locally
5.  Make it easy for prospective clients to get to know, like, and trust you
6.  Offer solutions to problems facing your ideal clients
7.  Answer your current customers’ frequently asked questions
8.  Give something valuable to those who join your mailing list
9.  Offer a unique trade show giveaway
10.  Promote your service by getting your info product into people’s hands
11.  Add “published author” or “sought-after speaker” to your business card and  social networking profiles
12.  Introduce yourself as “the author of [your book]” at networking events
13.  Be more visible online because of reviews, mentions, comments, likes, and promotions of your product
14.  Make a difference in the world
15.  Create a source of recurring income

If you responded “yes” one or more times, you should consider creating an informational product. If your answer was “yes” ten or more times, you would do well to create a variety of products, enabling you to meet several different goals.


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