Business promotion ideas you don’t want to miss in November

November is
American Diabetes Month: educate your employees about the symptoms of this disease or encourage them to take this risk test for Type 2 diabetes.

Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month: offer a variety of gluten-free items in your company cafeteria and publicize the new gluten-free menu on your Web site or in a press release.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month and National Family Caregivers Month: establish a telecommuting or flextime policy for your employees (including those who are family caregivers and/or caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease) and add this to your Web site and your employee welcome package.

Family Stories Month: if yours is a family business, why not blog about your family business story?

National Inspirational Role Models Month: add fresh content to your Web site or blog by writing about role models in your company—those who volunteer, provide exceptional customer service, or make a difference in people’s lives.


2 Responses to Business promotion ideas you don’t want to miss in November

  1. Jennifer says:

    I did not realize November was American Diabetes Month and Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month. These definitely offer an excellent window for promotion and raising awareness. Family Stories Month also offers a myriad of opportunities on a variety of levels. Thank you, this is a very informative and helpful post!

    • Jennifer, many people are unaware of these November events unless they (or a family member) are affected by diabetes, gluten-sensitivity, etc. You can find many more promotional opportunities (from the silly to the serious) in Chase’s Calendar of Events.

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