How to find a font when you don’t know its name

Have you ever seen a font you think would be perfect for a special project, an upcoming event, or a Web site (your own or a client’s) but you don’t know the name of the font? Find out what it is using WhatTheFont from MyFonts,* the world’s largest collection of fonts. Follow their easy tips to submit an image that will be compared to fonts in their extensive database or ask the WhatTheFont Forum.

In addition to aiding you in your font name search, they offer over 400 free fonts as well as fonts for purchase. As a small business owner, I’m pleased and impressed with MyFonts licensing agreement. You pay once for up to 10 thousand page views per month—no endless monthly fees and no paying for 10 million page views when you’re still trying to get visitors to your site. You get a webfont kit to download whenever and wherever you need, with a couple of restrictions if you are working with multiple clients. If you’ve ever had to replace your computer (due to failure or old age), you know how expensive it can be if you have one-download-only software programs. The webfont kits are free of tracking cookies and are designed for a variety of Internet browsers. You also get a discount if you purchase the desktop font at the same time.

*Note: the links included in this blog are NOT affiliate links even though MyFonts offers an affiliate program.


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